Full Spectrum Organic Coffee


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Organic CBD Coffee – 150mg to 600mg of CBD per bag

Want an easy and tasty way to get 12.5mg of Full Spectrum CBD in your cup o joe? Pure Canna Organics has partnered with an amazing organic coffee roaster to bring you their medium-dark roast CBD coffee blend.  We infuse our CBD at the time of grinding to not only give you great tasting cup of coffee but no separation of oil as with other CBD coffee blends.  Every 6oz (2 tbs) coffee cup has 12.5mg of Full Spectrum CBD, it is a great way to start your day!

    •  ✅ Contains No Pesticides
    •  ✅ Made With Non-GMO Ingredients
    •  ✅ Contains No Heavy Metals
    •  ✅ CBD Oil Is 100% Natural
    •  ✅ Never Any “high” feeling. Under 0.03% THC
    •  ✅ Hemp Grown Organically in the U.S.A.
    •  ✅ 3rd Party Lab Tested (COA’s) Products


Ingredients: Organic Arabica Coffee, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD)

Directions: Brew the coffee as you would normally and enjoy iced or hot.  Add sugar, creamer and other additives you enjoy to make the brew taste to your liking.

Benefits of 600mg Organic CBD Coffee: There are many benefits to drinking coffee alone but once you add in our amazing Full Spectrum Cannabidiol the benefits shoot through the roof!  Our coffee is sourced from only the highest quality growers and certified organic.  Our beans are 100% arabica and freshly ground in store, in small batches when you order from our website.