Delta-8 THC Infused Coffee

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Hate THC & CBD coffee that has an oily film? Hate instant coffee? Then we know you will LOVE our medium-dark roast coffee infused with our full spectrum CBD! We infuse our Coffee with our proprietary method to guarantee no oily film or bad taste. We grind our beans daily to ensure freshness and we know you will fall in love with our coffee as many others have! 1 Pound of coffee in every bag!

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Satisfaction Guaranteed • 100% U.S.A Grown Hemp • Third Party Lab Tested

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“I love a good cup o joe and I have tried many different THC coffees before. Most will have an oily film which is HORRIBLE and they taste awful. The coffee from Pure Canna tastes delicious and I can feel the THC taking effect within 30 mins of drinking my first cup in the morning.”

Lynn Staley

Delta-8 THC Infused Coffee – 1 Pound Bag

Want an easy and tasty way to get 25mg of Full Spectrum CBD (12.5mg Delta-9 THC) in your cup o joe?  Pure Canna Organics has partnered with an amazing organic roaster to bring you their medium-dark roast Delta-8 THC Infused Coffee blend.  We infuse our Cannabidiol at the time of grinding to not only give you great tasting cup of coffee but no separation of oil as with other CBD Infused Coffee blends.  Every 6oz (2 tbs) coffee cup has 25mg of Full Spectrum Cannabidiol, it is a great way to start your day!  With 700mg per 1 pound bag of our amazing Full spectrum CBD you can’t go wrong with our fresh coffee! Check out our amazing Delta-9 THC Coffee!   Caution: May cause you to feel “high”, do not drive or operate machinery while under the influence of the coffee.  Our Delta-8 THC coffee is under 0.3% delta-9 THC at only 0.00% and is state and federally legal under the 2018 farm bill.

  •  ✅ CBD Oil Is 100% Natural
  •  ✅ Under 0.3% THC at only 0.00% THC Per Pound
  •  ✅ Hemp Grown in the U.S.A.
  •  ✅ 3rd Party Lab Tested (COA’s) Products

Ingredients: Organic Arabica Coffee & Full Spectrum Hemp Extract

Directions: Brew the coffee as you would normally and enjoy iced or hot.  Add sugar, creamer and other additives you enjoy to make the brew taste to your liking.

Please store in a cool dry location. Keep out of direct sunlight and away from heat. For best freshness store in the freezer.