Free CBD Sample Pack

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Free CBD Sample Pack

We are sorry but the Pure Canna Organics Free CBD Sample Pack is no longer available.

If you would like to try CBD we highly recommend you get our 30 Day CBD Trial Pack and see how CBD oil can benefit you.

Pure Canna Organics CBD 30 Day Trial Pack includes a Full size 600mg tincture of CBD oil, a sample size of sleep spray, sample size of our cooling cream and a few other amazing samples we add into the box!


Many have asked why we have discontinued our CBD Sample Pack. The reason is simple and it comes down to Value.  We feel that you need to experience CBD Oil for a minimum of 30 days before you can know if it will help you or not.  With our lotion, sleep spray and coffee samples you will instantly know if it is right for you. With the sublingual drops it will take time to see their true benefits.  By offering a full size 30 Day CBD Trial you can see the benefits of the oil for yourself for near half price and get free samplings of our other products at no additional charge. This