Look no further than right here. Pure Canna Organics is a fun and unique popup style store that offers a franchise opportunity with tremendous growth potential. We appreciate your interest in franchising with us and we are certain that this Franchise Kit will provide just enough information about our franchise program to get your research started.

PURE CANNA ORGANICS FEATURES AMAZING PRODUCTS! We continue to create unique and healthy CBD products that use our original formulations since welaunched in 2016 in Mesa, AZ. Our list of products include Gummies, Tinctures, Baked Goods, Topicals and much more! All of our products contain under 0.3% THC and are federally legal to sell and possess.

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THE 2018 FARM BILL. With the passing of the 2018 farm bill legislation HEMP and CBD have become one of the fastest-growing markets in the United States. This is your opportunity to get into the market and have control over your local area. With nearly zero overhead and a support team that is always ready to help, you are one step away from financial success!

HOW DO WE DO IT? As a world-class franchisor, our experienced and dedicated team provides comprehensive support to our franchise partners in every facet of their business including training, marketing, store development, supply chain, and operations.

Our main focus is maximizing franchise partner profitability. We are currently looking for qualified investors with the desire to franchise Pure Canna Organics pop-up locations in their communities or larger territories. If you want to be a part of the PURE CANNA ORGANICS franchise family, then we are excited to speak with you!


A lot has changed since 2016 in Mesa, AZ when a small retail store was selling just one simple product. The store has continued to grow and expand to what it is today (and still growing). Our “original” CBD Tincture was a 1oz 600mg Full Spectrum Tincture that had a very harsh hempy taste and smell. But the positive effects, the tincture had on the way people felt, were enough to keep us moving forward. After receiving customer feedback, we improved the original formulation to remove the tincture’s harsh taste. All of the tincture’s original healthy properties remained intact. Today, Pure Canna Organics has over 90 products that all sell considerably well. We are a family-oriented business that believes customer service and high-quality products are all you need to make an amazing brand!

What does Pure Canna Organics stand for today?

Pure Canna Organics is leveraging the core strengths that have been built over the last 7 years and is now looking to elevate them to another level. Our five-year, ten-year, and fifteen-year strategies are piloted by our commitment to promote and prioritize these three main beliefs:

• Our Culture

Our culture is based on two things, Simplicity and Easy Going. Life is short and we believe you need to not only live it but enjoy it! We make products to help enrich our customer’s lives and treat our team members as family.

• Our Business Model

The business model is simple, treat everyone with respect. High-quality, clean products that are made to not only help our customers but our families as well.

• Our Growth

Pure Canna Organics is growing fast not only in our corporate office and online but through YOU the franchisee as well! We are happy to have you as part of our team and we will go out of our way to help you grow and become financially successful with your franchise the best we can!


The Sweet Taste of Success is Within Your Reach

Step One - Complete the Franchise Request form on the website

You may find the information request form on our website below or send us a direct email at with your name, address, phone number, past business experience and the territory where you will be setting up your shop.

Step Two - Pre-qualification

Once we have received a completed Franchise Request form, we will initiate contact by telephone or email. At that time, we will talk about any questions you may have, the financial requirements, and the availability of the selected territory of interest.

Step Three - Payment

Once we have cleared you for your desired territory the final step is for you to make the franchise payment which includes the popup, displays, tables, banners, t-shirts, and $12,000 worth of retail products for only $10,000. This is your entire setup in a box as we call it and you will be on your way to financial success.

Step Four - Setup Your Store

This last step is for you. You will receive your Pop-up CBD Shop, then go to work setting it up at your desired events in your territory and find the financial freedom you have been searching for.


• Franchise Kit Fee – $10,000

Our Franchise Kit includes $12,000 worth of retail products, Pop-up tent (1), Tables (2), Table Cloths (2), Product Displays (4), T-Shirt (2), Brochures, Video Training Course (or in person), E-Commerce Website & Drop Shipping. Total retail value far beyond $14,000.

• Territory Fee – $2,000 (yearly fee)

The territory fee is a yearly fee and will not allow us to sell or open another franchise in your set market. The fee will be waived if you are an active franchisor and you purchase $2,500 per month ($30,000 yearly) of products from us to keep your inventory stocked. This fee is waived for your first year and is included in your franchise kit as a bonus.

• Royalty Rate – None, we will never charge you a royalty fee!

• Website & Drop Shipping Fees – $100 (per month)

A $100 per month fee for E-Commerce website hosting and updates will be charged to you. This fee may be paid upfront annually for a discounted rate of only $1,000 per year or monthly at the $100 rate. We will also drop-ship your products sold from your website for an additional $1.50 per package to cover our costs. The website, drop-shipping and the fee are optional and may be declined if you do not wish to participate in this part of the business.

• Investment on Individual Locations – We operate on a popup business model.

We focus on craft fairs, street fairs, neighborhood markets, events and more. The entrance fee for these events varies from Free to $500, the average price we have seen is far below $100 to enter and set up your booth. You will also need to obtain a city vendors license to legally sell our products at these events.


The operating spirit of the relationship between Pure Canna Organics Main Office and the franchise partners is one of mutual respect and collaboration. Pure Canna Organics has a fully-staffed support services team whose members are dedicated to providing assistance and expertise to franchise partners with any issues that they may face.


• We will help you with your L.L.C. setup and Federal EIN creation

• Help you find a hemp-friendly bank account and payment processor

• Help you with vendors licensing and permits through your county, city or state

• Help you find events and locations to open your popup, if needed Supply Chain

• We deliver your products directly to you with fast service from the order date

• Help you source table cloths, displays and all other materials needed for your pop-up

Marketing, Web Team & Shipping

• Help you with banner creation, brochures, T-shirts and all other print & web material design

• Help you with creative marketing ideas to help your popup grow

• Build a beautiful and fully functional e-commerce store for online sales

• Drop-ship your e-commerce sales to your customers for $1.50 per package


• You will have 24/7 access to videos with explanations on the cannabinoids, products and sales strategies

• Monthly meetings over the internet to see what other franchises are currently doing to be successful


Do I need previous business or franchising experience to become a Pure Canna Organics franchise partner?

No, you do not need any previous business experience but it does help. We will train you on our products and the cannabinoids so that you are familiar with them all and can educate your customers.

Are your products federally and state legal?

Yes, all of our products are federally legal due to the Farm Bill in 2018. Each state will have their own laws regarding CBD and THC and we can help you navigate this.

Do I need a special license or permit to sell your products?

No, you will not need any special license or permit as all of our products are 100% Hemp and NOT marijuana. Some states may require registration of your products such as Louisiana but this is rare.

How much does it cost to be a franchise partner with Pure Canna Organics?

As discussed previously, our fee is $10,000 for the complete franchise kit with $12,000 worth of retail inventory, sales material, training and much more! The additional costs not covered in our kit are the city vendors permit, and your L.L.C. setup fees. With us supplying you with $12,000 worth of retail inventory you are already ahead $2,000 in equity before you start.

What are my profit margins?

You will purchase product from us at a 50% discount from retail, an example is if a product retails for $100 you will pay only $50. We offer high margins so you can be financially successful with us, and we never charge a royalty as others do.

Do you offer financing of my first franchise kit?

Yes, we have partnered with a company that can help you get financing based on your credit. This makes owning your first franchise not only easy but affordable for everyone. If you purchase 5 kits and show them to be financially successful we can finance you for an additional five units with low monthly payments. This is a discussion to be had when you are ready for this step.

How am I able to sell THC without a special license?

Our THC products are made from 100% hemp and we use the same Full Spectrum CBD as we do in all of our other products. The word “THC” on the label is for marketing to catch people’s attention and at a higher dose. Still under 0.3% to stay 100% legal.

Will Your products make me feel “high”?

Yes, our THC products will make the user feel “high” and are for consumers 21+ years of age.


• Very low startup costs and our franchise kit includes $12,000 in retail inventory to get you started

• We offer territory development opportunities for entire neighborhoods and cities

• We have been in the Hemp industry since 2016 and our brand is growing fast

• We have rolled out a complete business system to limit failure and increase success

• We offer training, support, and monthly franchiser meetings to help you succeed

• E-commerce website and drop shipping included to make you money while you sleep

• Our support team is always available to help you with any questions and make your life easy.

Financing is now available for those who qualify!  Ask about your low APR financing options today.

Please fill out the franchise request form below, if you need to get in touch with us quickly please use one of the two contacts below and we will be happy to speak with you.

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